South Coast Foot & Ankle Center - (805) 964-3541

Expertise Beyond Standard Orthopedic
and Podiatric Expectations


The South Coast Foot & Ankle Center provides very specialized care and surgery for feet, unlike any in our area. 
While the human foot is a very complicated structure, most medical doctors have had only limited exposure to foot care and treatment. In fact, the doctors of The South Coast Foot & Ankle Center have capabilities and years of foot and ankle surgical residency beyond standard orthopedic and podiatric medical training.

Dr. Joe GarofaloDr. Sal Garofalo

Dr. Joe Garofalo

Dr. Sal Garofalo

Specialists by appointment
Monday through Friday
or emergency anytime day or night
(805) 964-3541

Specialists in:


Breaks, fractures and tendon repair
Wounds Management
From diabetes, vascular flow and venous stasis (lymphadema and swelling)


Deformities Corrections

Caused by birth, trauma or disease

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